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another request from a lovely follower

this bow bandeau is from an shop on etsy called amourouse

it’s a little expensive as they are made to order

they’re such unique pieces though, so i’d say: WORTH IT

it’s $100 for the set here, just want the top?

get it here for $60! they do many other patterns too

if you wanna check them all out, then click here

hope i helped you honey, keep following!

love S x

We’d like to thank all of our wonderful followers for the support you’ve given us, so is offering a free giveaway of one of our most popular items!

This give away is for one free SMALL ENGLISH GARDEN BOW BANDEAU. 

it is a lovely garden rose print on 100% cotton peach-ivory dotted background gathered into a charming front bow and elastic closure in back and bandeau is fully lined in ivory cotton fabric.

to enter contest/rules. 

  1. make sure you are following (I will be checking to make sure that you’re following) 
  2. make sure that your ask box is open so I can contact you for where I should be sending this item. (if I don’t hear from you within two days I’ll be selecting a new winner, sorry! the winner will be randomly generated ) 
  3. you have to REBLOG this post, I won’t be selecting a winner just off of likes, and you can reblog as many times as you’d like to strengthen your chances. 
  5. winner will be chosen at the end of August! 

If this giveaway goes well we plan on giving away many more things in the future, in many colors/sizes! so reblogging and supporting is always helpful! any questions feel free to message me here!

Good luck! xo 

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Beautiful ! thank you ! 


Working hard at amourouse ( #amourouse #etsy #bandeau (Taken with Instagram)

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